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The irony is, the Official yung pinch forever heart limit shirt moreover I will buy this most profound improvements in my skin happened over a two-week period in 2018, when I quit skin-care—save for splashing with water morning and night—in an attempt to “cure” my chronic dermatitis. I had tried everything, but I hadn’t tried nothing, and it turned out “nothing” worked. My skin, amazingly, was its clearest, brightest, and healthiest with no products at all. That’s what inspired me to become a beauty editor, actually, and whenever I field that common beauty editor question—What’s your number one skin-care tip?—people are always surprised at the answer: Stop using skin-care. Dr. Jennnifer Vickers, a board-certified dermatologist with Sanova Dermatology, once told me this “allows your skin to recover” and “resume” its inherent functions. Did you know the skin cleanses itself, through sweat and sebum and lymphatic drainage? It moisturizes itself, too, and exfoliates itself every night (it’s called “desquamation”). The skin even self-heals, courtesy of the body’s own hyaluronic acid molecules (yes, it has its own supply).

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These mechanisms are like muscles; they weaken when they’re replaced with products. The skin then “needs” more products to correct problems caused by those products, and the Official yung pinch forever heart limit shirt moreover I will buy this endless cycle of skin care starts again. Over time, I learned how to maintain my skin from within. I swear by a daily sweat to support cellular cleansing, hormone-healthy foods to support sebum production, and sleep to support enzymatic exfoliation. (Like muscles, there are some “sore spots” once you start building up the skin’s innate power—flaking as it adjusts to natural desquamation after artificial exfoliation, oil slicks as sebum production finds its footing free from moisturizer.) Of course, I couldn’t resist the pull of products forever. I eventually introduced a few natural ingredients back into my regimen. Manuka honey, rose water, jojoba oil. Then, slowly, a few “clean” additions. One Love Organics Vitamin B Cleanser, Leland Francis Twenty-Nine Botanical Serum, For The Biome Invigorate Powder Mask, Kari Gran Essential SPF. Now, as I quarantine, I find myself once again paring back my beauty routine to the only real essential: my skin itself. My face is very happy about it.

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