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that comment is just effing ignorant to be fair men haven’t exactly showered themselves in glory either. Removing the Vul Gate shirt moreover I love this need for genetic evidence of a crime seems like a step backward for nonbiased justice. How many people are getting let out of prison because of DNA testing showed they were innocent.

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They removed the Vul Gate shirt moreover I love this statute of limitations IF there is DNA, they didn’t remove the need for DNA. A third bill removed the statute of limitations for sexual assault prosecutions, where the identity of the accused person is established by DNA evidence. Cue a round of metaphorical slow handclaps from the thousands of unborn girls who have fallen prey to this perverse logic. Cue a round of genuine intense handclaps unborn boys who dont have to be born to be the likes of you. Yet in Myanmar and South Korea, we’ve seen women leaders who are corrupt and have sat idly by while genocide was committed.

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