My mother came into my room; she had cuts on her face. I was covered in glass, but unhurt. Outside there were cars on fire and the kids and their parents were gone. We found out later that someone protesting the US involvement in Vietnam or the US occupation of West Berlin or just the US in general had planted a bomb in a garbage can.

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When someone lifted the lid off of the can the bomb went off. After that the Army had dumpsters put in. I don’t remember if that was before or after a bunch of threats were made against the dependents of soldiers, but I do remember that at one point my friends and I were transported to school in tanks. That probably sounds fun, but if you’ve ever been inside a US Army tank from the 1970s you know that they are loud, dirty, crowded, and uncomfortable.

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I should have resigned but jobs were scarce at the time and what I was doing I loved dearly and was good at. The problem was my boss was jealous of me because I was more knowledgeable and experienced in the field that she was and she did not like it that.
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I had the experience of finding irregularities in account just by looking at them and having a very analytical brain just by looking could see when something was not working the way management was thinking it was. The one time in particular that I should have left is when they had set up an account for when a customer prepaid on their new account and our accounts were never balanced out.

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Our account always overstated the accounts receivable amount outstanding. I tried to explain to a very of people who dealt with this how it was not right but talking to walls would have been easier. It wasn’t until I went to the Senior VP of Finance who at one time was in the accounting department and knew this area very well, showed him what was going on, explained what I believed, he confirmed that I was right, and then told me he would take care of it.

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Sure enough the next month’s staff meeting it was announced that it was being handled incorrectly and we had to do these early payments differently. Meanwhile I was doing a happy dance mentally while chanting, told you, should have listened to me before, but now I have an atta girl and you have negative remark in your file.

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Don’t swing the dog by its neck, you’ll hurt it!” only to see as I got closer that in fact the dog was wearing not a collar but a full harness, and although it might have been uncomfortable being swung into the air, it wouldn’t actually have come to any harm.

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