There will be a big celebration around the world the day Trump is no longer president. I can’t wait! Can’t get here soon enough! Asking and being offered, with acceptance, whilst hiding behind fallboys with knowledge is the same Kinda busy being a mommy Shark shirt if proven. Would you like my five year old to come up with an appropriate response? It may include the word ‘buttlicker’, though, so be warned.

Top 2 Kinda busy being a mommy Shark shirt

All I want is that the culprits of any wrong doings to be held accountable. he knew it then and that’s proven by his submission to Kinda busy being a mommy Shark shirt, that and the fact that he owes so much money to Russians.I’m so happy I get to tell my kids I got to see a president get impeached.

This also said he wasn’t impeached for what he did he was impeached for Kinda busy being a mommy Shark shirt while he was in the hearings.Jb DiCarlantonio Not to many persons on your side how sad is that I look at a lot of fanatics that are not objective and if the evidence is there then they will be revealed in favor or against Good LuckAdrienne Ruth K m exactly , I’m almost 50 and I don’t recall one before ? Such an exciting time for us republicans to see a pathetic loser get thrown out of office!As much as I want to see 45 get impeached prosecuted. You do realize that would stick us with Pence!

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