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It is a self-owned property and if the Husband daddy protector hero US MARINE shirt husband has a will, it will follow his will, he can even give the entire property to others. If there is no will, it will be divided equally between wives and children. If he was the only son of his parents, his wife and children would have to take care of them. The dog became attached to her husband and became possessive and territorial to him.

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It sounds like she could be from an abusive family and has developed some neurosis because of it. In this case, the husband will need to calmly and patiently assert himself. To put herself between the Husband daddy protector hero US MARINE shirt dog and his wife and put the dog down until she understands the rules and boundaries. Once the dog has stepped back and sat / watched them interact, it needs to approach and embrace the wife, keeping an eye on the dog. If women don’t even respect themselves, why do men like your husband to respect them?

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You have no self-esteem. Because a strong, independent woman won’t even plan to marry a husband who hates women. Women voted for another guy who hated women, Donald Trump, to completely and completely destroy the United States. Look at the one hundred thousand innocent Americans who died of complete disrespect for human life! If he opened the Husband daddy protector hero US MARINE shirt economy too early, half a million US citizens could die next year. With a husband who hates your courage, you have placed yourself a victim of hate and threats and unhappiness, tears and frustration and depression..

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But what is even more unacceptable, is its effect on your self-image of your (future) daughter, who will be extremely embarrassed when she is a woman and will enter. one violent relationship to another. You will have a son who agrees with your husband, that women are not worth playing and you should play together and use them as free plastic sex dolls. I’ve been in Quora English for nearly four years now, answering questions of abused women, trying to show them that, as a woman, should be raped and hit, kicked down the Husband daddy protector hero US MARINE shirt stairs and threatened menacing at knife point. , humiliated and dragged across the mud.
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