Buy this shirt: Official Rip DMX All Dogs Go To Heaven Shirt, hoodie, tannk top and long sleeve tee

I’m going to need an extra-warm beanie for long walks this winter, and my friend Maria Stanley’s fluffy alpaca one is 20% off this week. I’m also picking up a few bottles of my favorite face oil from Circumference to keep my skin hydrated—their entire site is 25% off!

Official Rip DMX All Dogs Go To Heaven Shirt

Some clothes immediately inspire fantasies. When I look at this Story MFG dress, I imagine myself drinking some kind of ginger smoothie on the beach in Mexico, hair still wet from a morning in the waves. While I may not get that anytime soon, I can layer this over a turtleneck in the hopes of eventually manifesting the tropics.

Official Rip DMX All Dogs Go To Heaven Shirt Hoodie

My winter wardrobe is in serious need of new turtlenecks, so I’m stocking up on cool ones from Pixie Market. This cutout design literally has my name all over it, and I can already picture myself wearing it during all of those Zoom meetings on my calendar.

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