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Christopher Layton Smart people aren’t having as many kids because they understand what is going on. To be slightly fair here, people are having fewer kids in areas of the world where there is a better social safety net too. That does coincide with education in some ways, but I don’t think the causation is quite that direct. If you would give free, effective birth control to the women around the world, I would bet the birth rate would plunge. Many men around the world would kill women for taking control of her own body. It is the US sanctions that causing the shortages as it was the money from the oil that paid for public services like education etc.

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Yeah, it wouldn’t have anything to do with corruption or incompetence on Maduro part, and that clown that came before him. The government has taken control of every functional business in the country and run it into the ground. It had nothing at all to do with the corruption or the complete lack of investment in the infrastructure. Of the oil industry that was Venezuela’s bread and butter. Size of the body is also irrelevant obesity is to do with the number of calories consumed. In America, kids eat sweets and fried food by choice find me one Venezuelan child that wouldn’t kill to be American hungry irrelevant if a family can’t afford the good food.

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What you can afford totally irrelevantGood food is a personal choice, if I want fried chicken or brownies I eat it. His sweet sister would come for breakfast and steal extra oranges(they’re free at our salad bar so it wasn’t really stealing). It was months later that the children learned food in America is not a luxury but a right. You’re defending your incorrect statement by posting stats from the US & UK while casually omitting any such info from Venezuela. OK In our modern world alot of poor people is a country’s greatest asset just look at China India and all of southeast Asia.

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