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“Força Feminina,” the Dead By Daylight Shirt Furthermore, I will do this blend selected for my experience, was mailed to me ahead of time, as is routine for remote ceremonies. Admittedly, when I first opened the parcel of materials and examined its contents—a piece of palo santo, an intricately decorated bamboo pipe, and a small, tinted vial of rapeh—I couldn’t help but think I might be about to participate in some sort of rarefied cinnamon challenge.

Dead By Daylight Shirt

Joined by my psychedelic-curious pandemic-pod friend, Shana, I joined James and Wright on Zoom, then followed their instructions for readying my mindset and environment: We sat at the Dead By Daylight Shirt Furthermore, I will do this kitchen table under soft light, lit palo santo to unburden the space, and took a moment to set intentions for our practice and call in the spirits of ancestors—or whoever we preferred to be present with us during the experience. We then gathered two pea-size mounds of rapeh in our palms and asked the medicine’s permission to connect with it.

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