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The prime minister’s husband is said to be involved with a medical marijuana farm. This makes them both implicit. They know this is their next big money maker, a new trough for the pigs to gather at…I knew was guilty of this. Wasn’t aware Anthro was, too. Honestly, it’s going to be a major lifestyle change for me if I can’t shop at Anthro anymore, but I want to do the right thing the I love Canada fit in or fuck off Skull shirt and stealing people’s intellectual property is NOT the right thingWest Elm stole a Canadian artist’s design and used it in a line of bed linens after the original painting, painted by and belonging to her, hung in one of their stores. Their lawyers have refused to respond to a her.No apology is good enough. She should receive royalties from each sale or negotiate a lump sum payment for her designs… and it should be a lot of money.

I love Canada fit in or fuck off Skull shirt

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