Life is all about learning and we all have made mistakes in our lives. A twin flame journey is about understanding I don’t even have a Pla shirt and learning about these mistakes. We can all learn from our mistakes which is so crucial but we need to understand them too. Surely, people know they are being ruled indirectly by our Armed Forces. It was therefore opined at times by some researchers that the role of armed forces in managing the country be formalized & adopted as a legal measure instead of pulling the strings from behind the curtain. Our armed forces continue to develop & modernize themselves. The discipline, training & rule of law gave them an edge over others. Our politicians & beaurocrats failed to deliver. Armed Forces came forward to fill in the gap. In the modern world of democracy, there is no such role for armed forces. It is therefore difficult to recognize a constitutional role for armed forces in Pakistan formally. Armed Forces through successive experience concluded that pulling the strings of government behind the curtain is more viable an option instead of inviting bitter criticism from democracy lovers by having a role openly or directly in government.

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When people observe that armed forces are interfering just for the sake of transparency & development, they have no concern if the corrupt politicians have lesser powers or scope to plunder national resources. It is now a proven fact that whenever a free chance was given to our politicians, they amassed their personal wealth. Not that all officers in the armed forces are angels. There are corrupt senior officers there. But there is a difference. Corruption is not institutionalized in armed forces as it remained institutionalized in politicians. The people of Pakistan are watching everything very patiently. They are very intelligent people. They know who is who & what is what. The majority of people don’t fall prey to false propaganda. They know armed forces delivered at times of travail. They know armed forces helped them in all adversaries & fought well against terrorism in Pakistan. They know in 1971 we lost the war due to other political, social & economic reasons not that our armed forces were unable to fight or they lacked professionalism. East Pakistan was pushed to the wall by individuals, not by institutions. At present, armed forces are pulling the strings from behind the curtain. The people of Pakistan are not angry about it. They know politicians have planted their men in the judiciary, in civil administration & in other vital civilian institutions including our religious institutions.