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All we see are pundits and artists and now kids? The evelynnteeshirts-Best Pug dad ever shirt down of America. What a goal for TED! The scientistctually hating its own government for leaving this agreement… and it led you to start doing the same. @Toss a coin to your Witcher 1. Companies only pursue profits, which is the reason why we are in this mess to begin with. Marketing creating artificial demand, planned obsolescence, horrible plundering of resources

Best Pug dad ever shirt

evelynnteeshirts-Best Pug dad ever shirt

– the list goes on forever. Fight the source – the profit motive 2. The US is among the evelynnteeshirts-Best Pug dad ever shirt of CO2 per capita*, which is very important. Why some people can live as luxurously as a hundred, and yet the latter gets the blame? Plus, the US outsources a lot of labor overseas *and they have already finished industrialization. If you look at total emissions over the last century, the US is the top one.

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