Oh, I don’t know — could Trump’s in-your-face grifting, calling dead veterans “losers,” refusal to submit his tax returns for Commies Gotta Catch ’em all Trump Ash America Flag shirt, or allow his SAT scores or other academic information to be known, his friendship with Epstein, his totally inappropriate attitude toward his daughter’s appearance, his public mockery of a journalist’s disability, his serial infidelities. What about Pence’s wife, their kids? Let’s focus on the candidates! He’s not running for anything. Is Melania going to be held to the same standard? With nude photos and her overstaying her Visa illegally in the US? FFS NYT, could you please stop just trying to sell papers this time, and give us a shot at keeping our democracy? What is wrong with you guys? Just hand this over to Fox, why don’t you?

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