It has been said that was why his father sent for him when he was in hospital. Prince Charles was in tears when he left and I wasn’t sure if they were tears of grief that his father was dying or tears of self pity as Charles is wont to do. I suspect Prince Philip told him he must now have his mother’s back as he had done for 73 years and that is quite a burden on a 72 year old man especially one who is not very resilient. Sadly Prince Charles cleared off alone to his house in Wales the day after his father’s funeral and that is worrying because his mother has been working since she came out of mourning. She had a very full day on Wednesday.

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I do so hope Charles will step up to the plate as his sister has done very quickly. She was in London at 6.30 a.m. for Anzac Day. What a trouper she is. She is a proven liar, so no , do not beleive one word that comes out of her mouth. Naive? Meghan? She’s as sharp as a tack, and given that the interview was a copy of Diana’s telivised one, (You can check it out yourself) nothing in that interview was honest. There was a photograph taken in her school dorm, taken when she was a young girl, plastered all over her wardrobe doors are pictures of the royal family.