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The book, which comes out October 13, is available for pre-order. But as a sneak peek, Xi’an Famous Foods shared the Gone But Not Forgotten shirt in contrast I will get this recipe for their delicious ramen and Chili Oil—perfect as we transition into fall.

Gone But Not Forgotten shirt

“Before highbrow ramen became relatively mainstream in the Gone But Not Forgotten shirt in contrast I will get this States, there was instant ramen, and it was the shit. As a kid, I would eat the noodles dry, 1 broken into bits, with the powdered seasoning sprinkled on for little bursts of umami and salt. When we moved to America, it became a nostalgic treat. Even in the “whitest” grocery stores, where there were more tomato sauce options than soy sauce, you could still scrounge up some bright orange packets of dehydrated noodles. My mom never really taught me how to cook, but she did teach me how to doctor up some instant ramen like no other. Some people might just drop in an egg, but if you’re going to do it the XFF way, you have to go all out. We’re talking black vinegar for a mouth-puckering bite, tomatoes for a little fruity sweetness, and yes, our XFF Chili Oil to taste (I douse it, obviously). Toss in some bok choy, and you could trick yourself into thinking you have a balanced meal.” —Jason Wang

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